US Office: +1 801 788 4324

Africa Office: +233 (0) 540 106 517

Africa Office: +233 (0) 540 106 518

What We Do

Point Innovate distributes and develops High Social-Impact products and technologies in Emerging Markets.

Portable Solar Generators

Innovative Products for Emerging Markets

Products that solve social needs are not easily found on-the-ground in developing countries. This slows development, business, and economies. After working and running businesses in Africa for over 10 years and supplying humanitarian organizations throughout, we saw the massive need for products and technologies to be available on-the-ground locally, not only for Non-profit organizations but for the individuals that live and work in these countries.

Consumer Energy Solutions

Frequent black-outs are the norm for most urban areas in Emerging Markets. Our powerful and affordable solutions can be used for primary or back-up energy for individuals or homes.

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Business Energy Solutions

Rising electricity and fuel costs coupled with lost productivity from frequent power outages necessitate energy alternatives for businesses. We have a wide range of powerful solutions to meet business needs.

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NGO & CSR Energy Solutions

We power schools, orphanages, clinics, health workers, NGO workers, NGO offices and entire communities. Our affordable energy solutions range from ultra-portable to large fixed installations for hospitals.

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Some of Our Work

We've been working and running businesses (Solar Energy & Logistics) in Africa for over 10 years. We've been supplying businesses, homes and humanitarian organizations with technologies and logistic expertise to improve the lives of local individuals and the outcomes of non-profit and government projects. Below is a sampling of the work we've done.


Powered School Mali

Powered Clinic

Powered Homes Ghana